For the intermediate learner, Episode I takes 40 to 50 minutes to complete. You can try it for free!

French Fluency, to B2 and beyond!

Is your goal French fluency? You may be looking for a language learning method that is…

- engaging

- thorough

- fun!

Introducing The Staircase – a learning journey

that helps you to climb steadily towards French fluency…

Step by step!

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The Staircase uses narrative techniques and cliffhangers inspired from the most popular TV and book series, to motivate you to keep going. Makes learning... addictive.

30 episodes, of 30 steps each!

 Climb the staircase of French, 

each stair gradually increasing in difficulty from A1 to B2+.

For every Episode achieved, the climber receives a badge of achievement with a description of the number of words and language notions that you have successfully practiced.

Powered by storytelling.

The Staircase is based on The Vineyard, a unique story. The 30 episodes use spaced repetition to help you retain vocabulary, and cliffhangers to keep you engaged.

Some students started to practise the Staircase vocabulary with their favorite flashcard applications. They built study sets and made them available for the group! Special thanks to Clive and Andy.

Already a classic!

La Sorbonne University linguistics teacher describes the Staircase a language learning method 

"as comprehensive as Assimil"

and "as intuitive as Michel Thomas"


Intermediate mode


From A2 to B2

Like many Staircase students 

when they started, you may have 

notions of the language that are quite good, but fragmentary. The Staircase helps the intermediate

 learner connect the dots. 



A Staircase learner can express and develop his or her own personal style of learning and speaking. You can post comments, ask questions, react and discuss with the author in the comments area. Staircase members can also contribute by suggesting new features. Your French grows with the Staircase... and the Staircase keeps growing with you.

Advanced mode

From B2 to C1+

"Je n'ai plus besoin de méthode,"  an advanced speaker of French said to me one day. The same learner wanted to reach C1 someday, but how? The Staircase helped him break out of his comfort zone. By using sophisticated vocabulary and playing with synonyms, it helps refine your French writing style, polish your idiomatic turns of phrase and break the glass ceiling of C1!


"Have you met Médor before? He's the family dog in the story. There is an entire Episode dedicated to the vocabulary of pets and dogs. Follow Médor to get special access to it!"

30 Steps to fluency.

How far can you go?

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