Discover three e-courses that I created in 2016. Nombre Fous is dedicated to help you master numbers in French. L’Argot is a open door to discover French Slang. The Dictées Allegro is a series of audio activities to train your ear to Fast-speech in French. Stay informed to the new ecourses by subscribing to the Léacafé newsletter >> Je m’inscris 📋.



Explore the Streets of French Slang

Explorez l’Argot. Vous exercerez votre oreille au français rapide et vous découvrirez des idiomes imagés et expressifs. Appréciez aussi la petite sélection de films en bonus!

Explore l’argot, name for the French Slang: train your ear to fast speech, discover popular idioms and enjoy my selection of French movies and series to learn more about the street language in French.


  • “J’ai la Patate!” – French idioms
    • The Book
    • The Activity Book
  • Ear training
    • Cortado series
    • & Allegro series
  • “Rien à Foutre !”
    • Very bad words e-book
    • Don’t take it too seriously



Nombres Fous !

Crazy French Numbers

Devenez le maître des nombres. Vous exercerez votre oreille aux nombres avec une série de dictées et d’activités autour du système métrique et des chiffres de 1 à +∞.

Become a master of numbers! Train your ear to numbers in French with series of audio activities and activities around the metric system and numbers from 1 to +∞.


  • Ear training
    • 4 audio activities of growing difficulty
  • Metric System
    • 3 Cheatsheets (PDF)
    • the final quizz


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Ear training to fast-speech in French

Entrainez votre oreille au Français rapide avec cette série très complète.

Train your ear to fast-speech in French with this comprehensive series of audio activities. You will hear movie extracts from classics of French cinema also cartoons and comedies. Be prepared to hear Disney princess bad guy voices.


  • Ear warm-up with Cartoons
    • Princess & Bad guys voices
    • Foreign accents
    • Specials 😆
  • Three famous movie scenes
  • Conclusion

The activities are basically fill-in-the-blanks combined with quizzes. Make sure to have a pen and paper at hand.

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