The Staircase – “Le Vignoble”

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For intermediate and advanced learners who want to reach B2 level.

The Staircase is a brand new French learning method! It combines minimalist grammar that makes you think with storytelling that helps you memorize what you’re learning. It is made of 30 episodes, of 30 sentences each.  In every episode, you will be focusing on a new language notion and discovering a new part of the plot at the same time.  Each sentence adds a new grammar notion with increasing difficulty. You will make a lot of progress!

“The Vineyard”
The Staircase is based on the Original Story “The Vineyard”. It is the story of a (not-so traditional) family in the fascinating world of winemaking business.

Use it to evaluate your current level, to admire your own progress and to know what to learn next. Join the happy Community of Staircase learners!

A Note from the Author
“I developed this methodology using linguistic data and inspiration gathered from more than 5,000 hours of private lessons taught with my students. Enjoy the climb!” Léa Tirard-Hersant.

Estimated Time: 6-7 months

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Staircase – Course only



  • The Staircase French Course
  • The Vocabulary cheatsheets (1 for every episode, for a total of 30 cheatsheets)
  • Complete Audio recordings. By using the dictation mode, you can train your ear to French fast-speech.
  • The Clues, that help you climb the harder steps
  • Video introductions, to start every episode in a positive mood with your Staircase Hostess Léa!
  • Comments area where you can ask French learning questions (average answer time by Léa and Iza, less than 24 hours)
  • and more surprises

And After the Finish Line…

  •  The Staircase Treasure 👑
  • A personal invitation to a very special event in 2018



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