The Blue Book. A Review of a good grammar textbook.

This article is in English. It is a review of the Blue Book (and the red book!), two essential textbooks to add to your French learning bookshelf.

The Blue Book

Full title: Grammaire Progressive du Français

Publisher: Editions CLE International.


– Grammar textbook, for false beginners and intermediate speakers of French

– 280 pages + CD

– 52 Grammar notions from level A1 to B2

My Review:

Every chapter of the Blue Book covers a unique grammar notion. The book provides explanations on the left-pages, and exercises on the right-pages. 

The Blue Book helps you review the basics and see more clear in grammatical topics that you might know already be familiar with, but which might still be confusing such as pronouns, prepositions, juggling with verb forms etc. You will also discover new language notions that you will use very often in day-to-day conversation.

As a French teacher, I have used this paperback book for about a year. My students who have been using it showed quick progress in topics that they initially thought to be difficult. For these reasons, I chose this book to be the learning complement to the Staircase. Many of my students already purchased the paperback, and I can only encourage you to do it as well.

Also, the Red Book

Full Title: Vocabulaire Progressif du Français – Niveau Intermédiaire

Publisher: Editions CLE International.


– Vocabulary Builder, for false beginners and intermediate speakers of French.

– 207 pages.

– 25 Vocabulary topics ranging from “Family,” to “Business,” and “Cuisine, Restaurant, Café”

My Review:

When you want to learn a language, you want to learn words. You can collect words from the articles that you read, the movies that you watch. You can discover new words in class with your teacher. You can also study on your own with a vocabulary builder, which I used to do a lot when I studied English at university. Vocabulaire Progressif du Français covers most of common vocabulary topics, and my students say they like it!

You can study with the Red Book along with the Staircase. For example, Chapter 24 of the Red Book covers vocabulary to cars and driving, which is the topic of Episode VIII. Likewise, chapters 6 introduces you to words that describe movements and postures, whereas chapter 7 talks about Outdoor recreations. A perfect complement to the episode when Eléanore and her bother go hiking in the mountain!

The two books are available on Amazon Prime!

US Store 🇺🇸

Order the Blue Book here.

Order the Red Book here.

It is also available on Prime on the Amazon French store.

France Store 🇫🇷

Order The Blue Book here.

Order The Red Book here.

Do you have a copy of one of these two? Do you recommend it to other French learners? Leave a comment below!

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