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  • Bradley Zenger says:

    I started working with Léa in 2014 as a true beginner as my wife and I were spending more time traveling in France. Léa combines several skills and talents to make learning fun and productive. First and foremost she understands languages and how to teach them. For me French pronunciation is a real challenge. Léa has a unique ability to teach French pronunciation both by teaching you how to position your lips, tongue, etc., as well she makes it easier by finding words/sounds that I already know to make the connection. Above all she is patient!

    My wife and I now live in France much of the year, where we have remodeled a house working with artisans and an architect completely in French. While by no means pretty (yet, I have aspirations!), I’m able to converse with artisans and make myself understood and understand across a wide range of subjects. Working with Léa was central to that progress I continue to learn through my lessons with Léa and using the Staircase series to help me better form phrases and understand the language; the grammar and vocabulary.

    Léa’s enthusiasm for the language, for learning and for people make her a great teacher. We share a passion for entrepreneurship, which is just an example of how Léa always finds something upon which to connect beyond the language, making learning fun and engaging and relevant.

    Léa’s a great teacher and a joy to learn with!

  • Lea is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. She is the type of person who will inspire you with how deeply she cares for her students, and how devoted she is to developing her craft.

    After a month and a half of working with Lea, I was able to reach enough conversational fluency to live in France for a month. She has the experience to know what works, and continues to iterate on her materials.

    She is also fun to work with. Not only do I look forward to her lessons, but when I referred my 10 year old nephew, she was able to engage him better then any teacher before. She was competing with XBoxes, and she won…

    If you are serious about learning french, you need to work with Lea.

  • Clive Lewis says:

    I started working with Léa last year and have a lesson most weeks. Léa is an exceptionally gifted teacher and I have progressed enormously since I started working with her. I augment the lessons by regularly listening to podcasts in french, reading ‘Bien-Dire’ (a magazine written in french for french learners) and visiting France when I can. But Léa’s lessons are without doubt the most important factor in helping me to progress.

    The lessons are usually structured around either particular aspects of french life, or an aspect of grammar, or her brilliant new ‘Staircase’ methodology – and sometimes a combination of all three. But Léa has the confidence to ad lib and although I always find speaking in French (and constantly discovering new levels of complexity in the language) a challenge, I always look forward to the lessons because we always have fun.

    Yesterday’s lesson was our most unusual yet! We share a love of music and we spent part of the lesson at Léa’s mother’s piano (Léa was visiting her mother so conducted the lesson from there) whilst I played my guitar and she played the piano! That led into a very interesting discussion about how music is structured, how it is taught and the differences between the names of notes in english and french. It was great fun!

    • Léa Tiralarc says:

      Do mi sol mi do mi sol mi fa la do la dooo

      Clive, merci pour ton magnifique commentaire qui rend hommage aux leçons que nous avons passées, et que nous continuerons de passer ensemble.

      Tu sais que lire les notes en A, B, C.. était aussi un petit défi pour moi, quoique je reconnaisse que le système soit linéaire en anglais donc plus facile! Alors, j’écoute justement la Suite de Bach pour Violoncelle en Mi bémol Majeur, essaye de la trouver !

  • Mark Flanigan says:

    I have been having lessons with Léa for almost 18 months now and I have progressed a long way from someone who only had some high-school French and a smattering of practice on online sites such as Duolingo. I have always enjoyed my lessons with her, and have a learnt a lot. Her new grammar teaching tool, “The Staircase” is excellent, fun to learn, and encourages you to learn your grammar without continual repetition. One of the best things about Lea is she works with you to decide what the lessons will include, she can either include more formal grammar or vocab work, or simply chat with you about your week, while helping you improve your pronunciation and extending your vocabulary.

    My regular lessons with her keep me motivated, and she is always coming up with new and interesting ways to learn. I highly recommend Léa to anyone who has a love of French and wants to learn in a fun, but structured way.

  • Andy`` says:

    I’m a very happy student of Léa’s. In 2016, I started studying French again. I had lived in West Africa and France for a few years but I hadn’t ever studied French formally. Last year, after a 12 year break, I took it up again.

    After an intensive course at the Sorbonne in Paris last fall, I decided to continue studying with Léa from home here in San Francisco. We meet about once a week via video chat.

    I chat with other Francophones via Skype, too, but my sessions with Léa are important. She helps me learn grammar (I push the grammar harder than she does) and she’s not afraid to help correct problems with my spoken French and pronunciation.

    She’s a lot of fun. We’re both tech geeks, which she likes to tease me about. Meeting with Léa is something I really look forward to each week.

    • Léa Tiralarc says:

      Alors comme ça, je pousse la grammaire moins loin ? ‘ttention, ‘ttention, après ce commentaire je peux devenir plus exigeante …! ^_^

      Andy est un étudiant à la fois détendu, marrant, et méticuleux dans le soin qu’il porte aux détails. Il me tire moi-même en avant et soulève des questions grammaticales pointues qui mettent au défi ma connaissance de la linguistique française et me poussent à aller plus loin dans l’enseignement. Merci pour être là chaque semaine !

  • Nancy Jane says:

    I have been working with Léa for almost a year. Her English fluency is superb. She is not my only tutor but she is my primary one. I respect her because she is relaxed, confident, professional, consistent and secure in the command of her material…. BUT she is not rigidly attached to it. She can quickly find something new on the internet if I need a different example or if it is appropriate to my lesson. I feel safe with her and this was, I learned, a quite necessary component of my language learning process. It is amazing how vulnerable I have felt in my acquisition of a new language and it has been important that Léa has adapted to my needs. I would never have guessed how essential it was to enjoy and trust my instructor.

    I appreciate the Assimil approach that Léa uses as her foundational material. Its format suits me. The lesson is confined to 2 to 3 small pages so I do not feel overwhelmed by too much information. I am able to listen to the recordings and practice the conversations during the week before my next lesson. It is enormously helpful to be able to hear the sounds and words on my own time. During my lesson with Léa, I read out loud the days material while she corrects my speech. She quizzes me about the exercises and goes over any questions I might have. She tries to introduce old lesson words and material so that I don’t lose it. She avoids speaking too much English despite how difficult I am to corral in this arena. I am not an easy student but despite my issues she is quite skilled in her work with me. I find her french accent and her clear french speech particularly lovely; I hope to pattern my own speech upon her example. I am grateful for her ability to discern exactly what I am doing wrong in my mouth while I struggle to make a particular sound. I am able to watch her form the sound in her own mouth and this is surprisingly valuable.

    It pleases me that she likes dark chocolate. It pleases me how much she adores music. I so appreciate that she again and again keeps pointing me in the direction I want to go… which is to learn and be alive to the French language.

    • Léa Tiralarc says:

      Nancy est une étudiante investie et qui malgré son agenda riche et bien rempli, réussit à maintenir une régularité dans ses leçons et son apprentissage. Comme je lui dis souvent… son oreille et sa prononciation sont particulièrement fines. Nancy est l’exemple-même qui prouve que vous pouvez acquérir un accent authentique, même quand l’anglais est votre langue maternelle, et quelque soit votre âge ! On continue l’aventure avec Monsieur Duclos (le héros d’Assimil 😉 chaque semaine.

  • Carrie Newsom says:


    Je voudrais preparer pour le DELF B2 examen et je cherche une professeur qui peut m’aider. Je veux passer un examen blanc pour voir mon niveau et puis travailler pour améliorer mes points faibles. Je ne suis pas sûr quand je vais passer le examen… ça depend des résultats du examen blanc.



    • Léa says:

      Bonjour Carrie !

      passer un examen blanc : bonne idée.
      Savez-vous où le passer gratuitement ? Si vous cherchez une ressource, regardez le très bon site du CIEP. C’est celui que j’utilise avec mes élèves qui souhaitent passer le Delf comme vous. Vous y trouverez des exemples de sujets accompagnés des fichiers audio.

      Rendez-vous ici : http://www.ciep.fr/delf-tout-public/exemples-des-sujets

      Bonne journée,

    • John Hine says:

      J’adore le nouveau système d’abonnement. Il est beaucoup plus facile que d’acheter des paquets un à la fois, parce que l’on n’a plus besoin de s’inquiéter s’il est le temps d’acheter le prochain paquet ou s’il le temps de faire un nouvel horaire.